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Smart System for 10 Frame Polystyrene

ETA = 4th quarter of '24
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  • Smart System for 10 Frame Polystyrene
  • Smart System for 10 Frame Polystyrene

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The new Beebox Smart system is the latest beekeeping innovation from Paradise Honey (Finland). It is a new patented (deep, not medium) honey super system in which the honey is drained effortlessly from the frames without removing them from the super, while not allowing the bees to come in contact with the draining honey.
The Smart system is the same construction as the Beebox EPS beehives, making them durable and well-insulated.

The Beebox Smart system is used as a honey super except that the Beebox Smart frames are emptied inside the beehive using a special opener tool and the honey drains out from the Beebox Smart frames into a honey container located outside the beehive. After draining is completed, the Beebox Smart frames are closed back to the normal honey collection position and bees start to fill them up again.

You receive all of the items shown in the exploded view. The 10-Frame hive kit is sold separately. (2nd thumbnail image is for demonstration only)

The Smart system is fully compatible with our BeeBox/Paradise 10-Frame Polystyrene hive equipment.

Manufacturer's detailed instruction manual included.

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