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Polystyrene 10 Frame Deep HIVE KIT w/reversible top cover

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  • Kit with 1 Deep.
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  • Polystyrene 10 Frame Deep HIVE KIT w/reversible top cover


The Polystyrene 10 Frame Deep Hive Kit includes a screened bottom board with white coroplast slide tray, an entrance reducer with 2 sliding shutters, 1 or 2 unassembled deep hive bodies (depending on your selection), and a flat top cover with 2 plastic strap guides and a recessed area on the underside for feeding pollen patties or emergency winter feed (ie. sugar bricks, mountain camp method, winter patties, etc). This lid is a bit of a misnomer as we do not recommend actually reversing it, as doing so could (let's face it, probably would) cause robbing behavior to ensue. No inner cover is offered with this polystyrene top cover. Improvise your own if you feel strongly about that (mylar sheet, feedsack, etc)

The polystyrene deep hive bodies easily accomodate standard US Langstroth wood (or plastic) deep frames. Polystyrene hive bodies are approximately 1.5" thick and have an "R" value of 8.

These kits do NOT include frames or foundation. Please see the 1 piece frames and foundation here or the wood frames here and the foundation sheets here.

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