Table Runner [TCB / RUN]

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  • Bee Heart Table Runner
  • Bees & Burlap Table Runner
  • Elegance Table Runner
  • Gingham Table Runner
  • Honey Comb Table Runner
  • Red Coneflower Table Runner
  • Retro Table Runner
  • Sunny Bee Table Runner
  • Vase Table Runner
  • Victorian Table Runner
  • Vintage Skep Table Runner
  • Plain Black Polyester Tablecloth
$19.95 - $59.95


Bee Heart, Vase, Red Coneflower and Retro designs are $24 off while supplies last. The discount will be applied once the runner is placed in your cart.

Choose to complete your look, with our matching table runners. This 30” x 60” Table Runner will be a beautiful addition to your Farmer’s Market set up.  Choose from any of the 8 stock designs to match our labels:  Retro, Vase, Victorian, Elegance, Bee Heart, Red Coneflower, Bees & Burlap or Sunny Bee.  

Purchase 60” x 102” Plain Black Polyester Tablecloth [TCB] $19.95 

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