Square Feeder Tray

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  • Square Feeder Tray
  • Square Feeder Tray
  • Square Feeder Tray
  • Square Feeder Tray


An access portal in the center allows bees to move up from the brood box to access food.  The portal itself is textured to help prevent bees from slipping and drowning in the syrup. The clear portal cover (also textured) prevents them from drowning in the reservoir area. The feeder cover prevents incidental robbers from getting into the reservoir.

Holds approximately 1.5 quarts of syrup. Place the feeder on top of a 10 frame or 8 frame inner cover and surround with an empty medium or deep box. 

10-5/16" x 10-5/16" x approx. 1-1/2" H. Hard plastic construction. Made in Italy.

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