Single Frame Queen Confinement Cage

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Also known as a Frame Trap, it is basically a queen excluder that wraps around the top and bottom and 1 side of the frame. It does NOT cover both sides. It works best with a follower board so that the caged queen will be arranged near the center of the box. However, it can be placed on the lateral side of a brood chamber itself, temperature permitting. Queen confinement is not intended as a sole method of varroa control, but rather as a companion to either oxalic vaporization or dribble method.

1. Confine the queen on an empty comb and place in the trap against one side of the box, or a dividing/follower board.
2. After 7 days, remove the frame and substitute another frame with the queen trapped again.
3. After 18 days, both frames will be full of sealed brood and, hopefully, full of varroa mites trapped with the only brood available to them.
4. Remove both frames and destroy.

Other great uses for the Confinement Cage:

  • Swarm Control: cage a queen before she takes off.
  • Doolittle Method Queen Rearing: To make it easier to locate the right-age larva, confine the queen on a frame of empty drawn comb four days ahead of grafting day

459mm length, 235mm height, 42mm thickness



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