Push In Intro Cage [260P]

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  • Push In Intro Cage [260P]
  • Push In Intro Cage [260P]


The best, most successful way to introduce a queen is with a Push-In Cage.  Fill the tunnel with queen candy.  Push the cage into a frame in the center of the brood nest with open cells and emerging brood, no adult bees.  Release the queen and the attendant workers into the large 5.75" x 5.125" cage.  As the queen starts to lay eggs, she will give off queen pheromone, which will ensure acceptance.  Putting the cage over the soon to emerge brood ensures nurse bees to care for the new queen.  The bees can release her or you can manually do so after she has started laying.  Reduce to 9 frames to give the bees more room to crawl on the cage.  Also useful for isolating the queen to prepare for grafting.  

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