Plastic Beeswax Cake Mold [PCM / QBCM / BCM / HCM]

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  • Plastic Beeswax Cake Mold [PCM / QBCM / BCM / HCM]
  • Queen Bee Mold [QBCM]
  • Hex Mold [HCM]
  • Bar Mold [BCM]
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Plastic Beeswax Cake Molds

Use these trays for making beeswax bars. They are made out of a hard plastic, so they are considerably cheaper than our rubber molds. 

"Pour wax at or below 156 degrees F to avoid distortion of the mold."

Three styles are available:
Queen Bee Mold: 3 cakes per mold
Bar Mold: 5 cakes per mold
Hex Mold: 6 cakes per mold


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