Manual Steam Uncapper [LSU]

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  • Manual Steam Uncapper [LSU]

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The steam uncapper sits on top of your uncapping table (at least 100 cm or 39” long).  A frame sits in the carriage and is manually pushed through the heated knife by the user.  The frame is then flipped over to uncap the other side. Cappings are sliced off one side at a time and drop into the tank.  A fast and simple machine to use!

The blade is steam-heated by a small 1500W, 120V wallpaper steamer.  After filling the steamer with water, it takes about half an hour to boil.  The steam passes through the knife and keeps the wax and honey from accumulating on the knife.  Condensed steam collects in a plastic bucket where it can be put back in the steamer for re-use.  The steamer will last about one hour between fillings.  Warning: Uncapping blade is sharp and pointed.  Use caution uncapping.

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