Lyson Pro Uncapping Bench [1500UTC]

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  • Lyson Pro Uncapping Bench [1500UTC]


1500mm Uncapping Tank & Cover

Uncap your honey frames directly into this reinforced stainless steel Uncapping Tank. Use this tank to hold your uncapped frames before they go into the extractor. The removable baskets hold the capping off the bottom of the tank allowing them to drain. The tank measures 59" long and can hold up to 38 frames.


The Uncapping Tank includes:

  • Trapezoidal bottom for added strength
  • Height adjustable Legs
  • Bottom drain and valve
  • Stand for holding frames while uncapping
  • Removable capping baskets
  • Stainless steel cover (not pictured) 


Please Note:  This item ships by truck or ground freight only.  Call for availability and / or a shipping quote. (877) 529-9233.

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