Lyson Premium Commercial 42 Frame Extractor [LYW200600-P]

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  • Lyson Premium Commercial 42 Frame Extractor [LYW200600-P]

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These large diameter Premium extractors are designed for heavy use by commercial operations. 

These units are all stainless steel construction with programmable speed control. 

Drum is made of acid resistant stainless steel, 0,8 mm thick, strengthened and reinforced, with 2 drains 2’’. The bottom is conical, made of acid resistant stainless steel, 1 mm thick. Transparent lids, made of meta-plexi, allowing you to observe the spinning process, without having to open them, and risking the danger of contact with the rotating basket. 

Drive: Honey extractor drive consists of a high gearmotor gear series THF eco-line,directly coupled to the axis of the basket of honey extractor and E1000 series inverter-enabled optimization of the system. The adopted drive can reduce power consumption by up to 35% while maintaining the excellent technical parameters of honey extractor. The use of a series of gear THF increases the life of the device, as well as noise reduction. 

Automatic Speed Control- has 8 programs. The first two programs can be operated manually, the third one (automatic) has factory settings. Programs from 4 - 8 allow to enter own cycles of programing. Each cycle entered consists of 7 steps. Each step is defined by three parameters - the starting time, given speed and the speed of honey extractor’s spinning. 

42 Frame Dimensions: 35.5” diameter, 47” tall

Includes a 5 year warranty. 220V AC

Please call for a freight quote: (877) 529-9233. 


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