Lyson Capping Extruder (100 kg/hr) [W20966]

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  • Lyson Capping Extruder (100 kg/hr) [W20966]
  • Lyson Capping Extruder (100 kg/hr) [W20966]
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  • Lyson Capping Extruder (100 kg/hr) [W20966]
  • Lyson Capping Extruder (100 kg/hr) [W20966]
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The slow-rotating screw, made of durable high density plastic, compresses the cappings while allowing the liquid honey to escape through the perforated cylinder. Partially dried wax exits the end of the screw and is ready for further processing, or if needed, a second pass through the extruder (in the case the excessively wet cappings or raw comb). Honey drips into removable sieve trays and then into a holding tank for discharge to your tank. The dryness of extruded wax depends on the honey content of the cappings. In some cases, two passes may be required to remove sufficient honey from the wax. The extruder may also be used in the food industry as a fruit press. Caster wheels are included for easy movement of the unit.


  • Power supply: 110V AC, 750 watts
  • Maximum speed: 9 RPM
  • Dimensions 103 L x 49 W x 65 H (cm)

Warranty: This unit comes with a two year warranty.


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