Lyson Automated Uncapper Line

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  • Lyson Automated Uncapper Line


The Lyson W20983Z uncapper with cappings extruder consists of three elements: the automatic feed oscillating knife uncapper, frame storage table, and 100 lg/hr cappings extruder. 

The uncapper comes with closed circuit, water heated knives. Temperature is thermostatically controlled with an adjustable temperature between 65 and 95 deg C (149 to 203 deg F) 

Frames are loaded into the frame feeder which holds the frames by the top bar. One frame at a time drops into the chain feeder which guides it between two oscillating heated blades. Cappings wax and honey drip into the cappings extruder feed hopper. After uncapping, each frame pushed onto the uncapping table awaiting manual scratching (if needed on poorly drawn frames) and extracting. An inclined tray brings drips to the extruder. 

Frames must be drawn out to at least the thickness of the top bar. The uncapping knives are set prior to uncapping based on the thickness of the top bar. The knife position can be adjusted momentarily with the manual override lever, or can be left at a wider setting using a separate cam-operated level (both while machine is operating). Lastly, the minimum width setting can be set more "permanently" through adjustment of the knife angles with the machine off. 

Cappings Extruder
The cappings extruder fits beneath the uncapper and processes cappings as there are produced. The slow-rotating screw, made of durable high density plastic, compresses the cappings while allowing the liquid honey to escape through the perforated cylinder. Partially dried wax exits the end of the screw and is ready for further processing, or if needed, a second pass through the extruder (in the case the excessively wet cappings). Honey drips into removable sieve trays and then into holding tank with discharge valve for discharge to your sump or tank. The extruder may also be used in the food industry as a fruit press. Power supply: 230V AC, 750 watts (1 HP), 9 RPM. Dimensions: 103 L x 49 W x 65 H (cm) 
Oscillator motor: 180 watts
Feeder motor: 120 watts
Feeder speed: 9 RPM
Heater warmup time: 15 minutes
Uncapping time: 4+ frames/minute
Controller: digital controller with On/Off controls for motors and heater. LCD screen displays current temperature and status. Includes self diagnostic capabilities. 
Power supply: 230V AC
All stainless steel construction
Table Dimensions: 150 x 54 x 110 cm


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