Lega Pollen Dryer Cabinet [LG-8230]

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Professional insulated Pollen Dryer will dry 15-20 kg of pollen in 24 hours. Air heating is obtained by means of 2x500 W electric resistors with thermostat. Hot air is circulated by a fan. The outside structure of the cabinet is the same as our Honey Liquefier Cabinet. Flat Stainless Steel Shelves can be purchased to convert to Honey Warmer. 


The lid is removable when the machine is used as a pollen dryer, to let out damp air.  The cabinet is made from stainless steel and has a glazed see - thru door with a magnetic lock.  The cabinet has a sleek, compact vertical design and user friendly, intuitive display and controls. It is equipped with 10 pollen drawers with a mesh bottom, and less deep than the slides.  The drawers must be inserted in the drier making sure that there are alternatively one air intake on the front wall and one on the rear wall, to ensure that air flows homogenously through all the drawers.


Additional Stainless Shelves for warming $69.95 ea.


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