Formic Pro 4 pads (2 treatment pack) [FPRO-4]

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  • Formic Pro 4 pads (2 treatment pack) [FPRO-4]
  • Formic Pro 4 pads (2 treatment pack) [FPRO-4]
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 Instruction Sheet

Formic Pro has a longer treatment time as well as a longer shelf life than the MAQS.

Formic Pro cannot be shipped outside of the United States

This is a 14 day treatment. 

It is used to control varroa mite populations in honey bee colonies by causing mortality to male and female varroa under the brood cap as well as on adult honey bees. It is an extended shelf life formulation of MAQS that requires no temperature controlled storage. It is a 14 day treatment with 83 - 97% efficacy and is ready to use with no mixing or material preparation. The formic acid polysaccharide gel strip is natural, biodegradable and residue free. It has been used for 30 years with no known resistance. 

Current expiration date for 2 treatment pack: 04/2023


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