Cupularva / Nicot Queen Breeding Box Kit [CQBBK]

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This is one of the most popular and successful queen rearing system available in the world, next to the Jenter system we also sell. With this box you will be able to raise your own queens and do it without grafting or ever touching a larvae. You insert the comb box into a frame and 110 brown cell starter cups are fitted into the back of it. Next you confine the queen in the front of the cage and she immediately lays eggs in the 110 available cells. She can be released the next day. On the 4th day each newly hatched larvae is ready for transfer. You remove each cell starter cup and insert it into a cell cup holder. You then slid this unit onto a cell bar holder which is attached to a cell bar. To finish the cells you now put the cell bar into a cell building colony.

Our complete kit comes with a comb box, 110 brown cell cups, 10 cell cup holders, 10 cell fixtures.

All pieces are reusable except the cell cups.

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