Hive Doctor™ Bottom Board (10 Frame) [HD-BB10]

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The only bottom board you'll ever need! This extremely rigid and durable plastic bottom board is made of UV resistant food grade plastic. No painting required. It features a ventilated bottom, corner holes for securing to pallets, and pest trays that slide under the bottom board from the side to close off venting, monitor mite drop, or can be filled with oil or diatomaceous earth to capture Small Hive Beetles & their larva. This unique bottom board also features a modular entrance that can be customized using the included triple disc entrance which has 3 multi-colored easy-turn access dials that can be set in a variety of ways to fit your needs. Each dial has a pre-set notch that reduces the opening to 3/8" in the event that your colony is experiencing robbing..

Alternatively, you will also receive a simpler bar entrance reducer
which has notches on one side allowing you to control your entrance size from 3/8" to 2"; or flip the bar over to use it as a moving screen. 

Fits a standard 10-frame Langstroth hive. *This item is not compatible with polystyrene equipment.* 

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