Brown Plastic 10 Frame Hive Top Divided Feeder [DHTF]

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  • Brown Plastic 10 Frame Hive Top Divided Feeder [DHTF]
  • Brown Plastic 10 Frame Hive Top Divided Feeder [DHTF]


This divided hive top feeder features two compartments for feeding both liquid and solid food at the same time. Both compartments can be used for all types of food due to the holes and special plug that comes with the feeder. Thus, enabling you to feed your bees with pollen substitute and sugar syrup at the same time. Or, choose to fill both compartments with only sugar syrup. The small compartment will hold about 3 quarts of sugar syrup, and the large side will hold about 1 gallon. Moreover, the feeder is divided inside and below in 6 independent parts so if you have more than one colony in the same hive you could feed them all independently without them coming in contact. This is ideal for queen breeders and build-up of new colonies in the spring. 

• Provides insulation of the inside of the hive in cold and hot weather.

• Easy filling without disturbing your bees. Ideal for fast feeding.

• Fits into the hive cover and alters the hive height only by a few inches.

• Features vent holes that allow humidity to escape the hive.

• Requires absolutely no maintenance.

• Built from high quality food-grade polypropylene

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