Blue Sky Oxalic Vaporizer [VPR2]

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  • Blue Sky Oxalic Vaporizer [VPR2]

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This oxalic acid vaporizer effectively treats mites on bees. It does not kill or damage bees, nor stop the queen from laying. Oxalic Acid treatments are most effective when used during broodless periods because oxalic acid does not penetrate the cappings of brood cells. If used on hives with brood, 4 treatments 7 days apart are recommended in order to treat emerging bees. This vaporizer connects to any 12-volt (minimum 20 amp) battery and heats up the oxalic acid within the Vaporizer’s aluminum cup.  The oxalic acid reaches such a high temperature that it transforms into a gas and fills the hive.  The acid kills mites by seeping into their blood stream through the pads of their feet.Respirator & gloves are required when using this unit.

•               1 gram measuring spoon comes with the vaporizer.

•               Cup is made of 235-watt cast aluminum.

•               Features a built in timer and an automatic-off function once

                the vaporizing cycle has been completed.

•               Offered with a 1 year warranty

•             Patent Pending. 

Note: Although using oxalic acid has been approved by the EPA, individual States must approve its use as well - check with your State to make sure!

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