Sundance Pollen Traps - Collection Tips

Pollen trapping is a great opportunity to add some extra income to your beekeeping operation. It's quite easy, assuming you have quality equipment like one of the Sundance pollen traps.

We recommend the Sundance trap with rear tray (Sundance I/Top or Sundance II/Bottom). Top will yield cleaner pollen, but it will be hard to train the bees, if they aren't already using a top entrance.

Do not get the side mount tray (unless you are running pallets), as they limit your collection. Due to the design, it causes the pollen to mound up quickly in a smaller collection tray and you will lose pollen. The original rear tray design is the best.

We carry the bottom and top traps rear-tray for both 8 frame and 10 frame hives.


Another tip, do not be tempted to try and turn the trap "off and on" frequently thinking you will make it easier on the bees. This can stress the bees out. The bees sometimes need a week to get acclimated. Once they are collecting, keep it going for 2-4 weeks during a good pollen flow. You really don't have to worry about the bees not having enough pollen. Not all pollen is stripped, and once the hive detects that there is not enough pollen coming in, workers switch to pollen gathering from nectar to maintain the correct balance.

We have always had good success collecting in the summer. We do not collect in late summer/fall. During humid months, you really should be collecting every day. A good hive for us produces approx. 1.5 lbs a day.

All collection hives have done well and wintered fine for us when we adhere to a good schedule.

Oct 26th 2021 Blue Sky Product Team

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