Possible way to obtain an Epi-Pen at low cost.

We recently came across this Facebook article on how to obtain an Epi-Pen as a low cost generic. Perhaps this will help someone obtain this potentially life-saving medication affordably.

Barbara Kirkpatrick Hollingerabout 2 weeks ago

Victory is mine!
My quest for an emergency dose of epinephrine to have on hand that does not cost an arm and a leg (or support the ridiculous salary of a pharmaceutical CEO) was a success.
I asked my physician to prescribe a "generic epinephrine auto-injector".
It took CVS two tries to get what I wanted. They first filled the script with an Epi-pen to the tune of $616. We have a high dexuctable plan that does not kick in at that level and we have been healthy and injury free ...

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21st Sep 2016 Jamie Morehead

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