Blank "Honey" Labels (roll of 250) [BHL]

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  • Blank "Honey" Labels (roll of 250) [BHL]
  • Victorian small rectangle
  • Victorian medium oval
  • Victorian large oval
  • Victorian Hive Jar Oval
  • Bear small rectangle
  • Bear medium oval
  • Bear large oval
  • Retro small rectangle
  • Retro medium oval
  • Retro large oval
  • Vase small rectangle
  • Vase medium oval
  • Vase large oval
  • Vase hive jar oval
  • Sundance small rectangle
  • Sundance medium oval
  • Sundance large oval
  • Sunrise small rectangle
  • Sunrise medium oval
  • Sunrise large oval
  • Skep small rectangle
  • Skep medium oval
  • Skep large oval
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Price reduced 50% from $24 while supplies last!

These high quality labels feature our designs, but with plenty of blank space for you to place your information. They offer a quick, easy, and affordable option for labeling your honey containers. Use address labels or a rubber stamp (with permanent ink) to personalize as you wish.


All sizes/designs are the same price (not all designs are available in every size). 

Jars our labels fit:

Rectangle (R):  Fits all flat panel bears except for the 2 oz and other containers.  Measures 1.75" x 1.25".

Medium Oval (M): Fits 8 oz.-2 lb. Classic, Queenline or Mason Jars.    Measures 3" x 1.75".

Large Oval (L): Fits 2-5 lb. Jars & Mason Jars.    Measures 4.5" x 2.625".

Hive Jar Oval (H) (only available in Vase and Victorian designs):  Fits Hive Jars.  Measures 3" x 2".


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