Bee World Uncapper & Wax Press

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Uncapper/wax press combo uncaps frames and separates honey and wax before entering your extractor. All Bee World wax presses are equipped with inverter speed control. S1 Pricker uncapping machine (pricker blades and uncapping knives are heated and have inverter speed control) option for an electric water heating system or steam heating system for uncapper knives. Honey and wax cap mixture is pressed and honey flows into a honey tank and extruded dry wax into a wax basket.  Available processing capacity of wax presses vary from (combined honey & wax input) 100kg/h to 1000kg/h.  Wax press is very easy to use and does not require any additional heating of honey & wax mixture when the mixture is poured into the press hopper.  

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All Bee World products are designed and manufactured in Finland from Finnish stainless steel AlSi 304. All components manufactured by Bee World LTD have a 2 year guarantee.

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