Bee World Inline Extraction System (30 Frame Extraction Line)

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Pricing as you see it listed: $37,995.00. Contact us at (877) 529-9233 for further options, lead time and a freight quote.
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This honey extraction line processes around 100 frames/hour and is equipped with the following components:             

   •    30 Frame horizontal extractor (7 different extracting programs, touch screen, max. 186 rpm).

   •    S1 Pricker uncapping machine (pricker blades and uncapping knives are heated, inverter speed control).

   •    Water heating system or steam heating system for uncapper knives.

   •    Wax Press 350 (equipped with inverter speed control).

   •    80 liter floor tank for honey collection (equipped with level sensor).

   •    Frames loading rack (2 bank capacity).

   •    Manual frames loading system.

   •    Honey Pump (connected to floor tank).

Please call for a quote / lead time: (877) 529-9233.

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