2019 Showroom Demo - Lega Tabletop Slicer

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  • 2019 Showroom Demo -  Lega Tabletop Slicer
  • 2019 Showroom Demo -  Lega Tabletop Slicer
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  • 2019 Showroom Demo -  Lega Tabletop Slicer
  • 2019 Showroom Demo -  Lega Tabletop Slicer
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This item ships via truck. Please call for a freight quote:  (877) 529-9233.

This simple and ingenious system makes this uncapper truly revolutionary! Thanks to its reduced price, mechanical uncapping is now available to both small and serious sideliner beekeepers. Its main advantages include the following:

                • NO Electric Power Needed

                • NO Sharp Blades

                • NO Heating Required

                • Extremely Fast Operation

                • NO Hand Fatigue - Uncap a Frame in Seconds--NOT Minutes!

                • The capped cells are broken opened by the simultaneous action of the circular cutting knives on both the sides of the comb at the same time.

                • The comb is manually pushed through the knife holding shafts by acting on the handle bar.

                • The sliced frame then automatically falls onto a support track and is ready for loading into the extractor. Finally, you will be able to uncap as fast or faster than it takes to extract!

Note: The unit does not completely remove cappings, rather is designed to cut or crack the cappings at the appropriate spacing, so that honey can be released when extracting. However, like many different types of uncappers (including more expensive ones), it will work best with new/light cappings and frames that have been spaced out. Older dark cappings or low spots may still need to be scratched manually.







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